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Trusted by Leading Heart Institutions

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Ingredients included in Cardiamin® heart supplements are carefully chosen by an expert Cardiac Advisory Board based on current scientific evidence to promote heart health.


Incorporating Omega-3 essential fatty acids into a regular diet is important to help support heart health, because this ingredient can’t be created by the human body alone. The American Heart Association recognizes the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids for supporting heart health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for continuing normal function of many body systems including skeletal, cardiovascular, muscle, skin, endocrine, and immune. Accumulating evidence points to an important role of Vitamin D in supporting heart health.


Thiamin is important for energy metabolism, breaking down dietary sugars, neuronal communication and a healthy immune system. The use of diuretics or water pills in the treatment of heart failure can result in a lower level of thiamin in the body.


Zinc supports a healthy immune system, growth and wound healing. Zinc deficiency may be seen in patients with heart disease and heart failure.


In the body selenium acts as an antioxidant that binds free radicals to protect cells against oxidative stress. Selenium deficiency may be seen in patients with heart disease and heart failure.

Doctor Recommended

"I start my cardiovascular patients on Cardiamin® because of its combination profile of Vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids, and necessary multivitamins in research-based doses. It's cost-beneficial and well-tolerated."

Jody Stagg, MD

"My patients have confidence in Cardiamin® because it was developed by heart doctors and based on research by heart experts. It's not just another multivitamin."

Salvatore J. Tirrito, MD, FACC

"For my patients who want vitamin supplements, I recommend Cardiamin® because it's based on scientific evidence and expert guidelines."

Po-Shun Lee, MD

"As we age, nutrition becomes increasingly more important to overall health. For many people, it's often difficult to obtain all of the essential nutrients through food alone. Multivitamin supplements serve as a valuable resource to support those with chronic conditions affecting the heart."

Robin Trupp, PhD, ARNP, CHFN

Customer Reviews

“Before using these vitamins I was really sluggish; getting extremely tired right after work and did not know why. Cardiamin is a daily multivitamin which also contains 1000mg of omega-3 fatty acids for cardiovascular health. Omega-3 is a very important. I truly believe that since I've been taking these vitamins, i haven't been as tired when i get home from work. I'm back to being able to cook, walk my dog, and read...without being so tired.”

-S. Harrison

“My husband has Congestive Heart Failure. I believe this multi vitamin is helping his stamina”

-Judith H

“One of the biggest factors when choosing any supplement with fish oil for me has always been whether or not it has any fishy aftertaste or even worse, a fish burp. I'm glad to say that this supplement has the good mix for your heart, including omega fatty acids and fish oils and no fishy aftertaste. These are softgels, so they are easy to intake as well.”

-Dmitry K

“recommended by my cardiologist, so I thought I'd give it a try. It has replaced several supplements I previously took and in the long run will save $$. There is no aftertaste and while it's too early to see full effects yet, I do seem to have more energy...which is great news for those of us with CHF!”


“Big pills but just the product I needed.”

–Amazon Customer

“Thank you. Wow. I didn’t think that I would get such great customer service.”

-Linda S.

“Thank you for your excellent product and superb customer service.”

-James B.

“Thank you SO much for your efforts in getting me the discount! I really do appreciate this very much. Thank you, too, to your company who made this possible. I will spread the word even more!”

-Melanie G.

“Recommended by cardiologist.”

-J Northern Virginia.

“Extra large bottle for 2x a day use. Doctors recommend this . Will reorder as needed. Great value.”


“This product is really what I have been searching for. Doctor approved, endorsed by leading medical groups, and three vitamins in one without the harmful stuff. My cousin takes Coumadin and was looking for a product without vitamin k which was very good with Cardiamin. I like the less is more approach, and just taking what is needed. No fish taste either which is helpful.”

-Miss Maia

“This is a solid product. It is convenient to have a product include multiple benefits. I can now pair down on purchasing multiple products to achieve the same benefits.”

-Denise J

“I've been dealing with the triple delights of turning 40, being vegan and seeing a slight but worrying rise in blood pressure. Cardiamin is formulated to deal everything I've been taking individually, including calcium, omega-3s, zinc, B vitamins and selenium. Taking this, I really feel I'm doing something good for myself - and in one soft gel instead of tons of supplement pills!”

–Amazon Customer

“This product was recommended by my heart doctor. I researched the combination of ingredients and Cardiamin is the best for my heart.”

- Johnny

“I appreciate all of the help you have given me. You guys are a class act. Thanks!”

-Maggie L.

“The pharmacy that I normally buy the product at ran out of stock. They did not have what I needed (Pro-Renal with Omega-3). Your effort saved the day for me! THANKS again for the speedy and professional manner in which you handled my request.”

-Leroy R.

“I LOVE your customer service!!”

-Ann M.


-Charmaine P.